My Boring Ass Life
2021-10-11 03:05:01 (UTC)

Everything hurts (emotional)

Hello everyone,

Currently I am feeling so stressed and I have no reason to be stressed. Like I tried to read manga to get my mind off of it, but it just made me more stressed. I got so stressed out a couple of seconds ago that I scratched off my skin and I'm currently bleeding. But as I write this I feel better.

Anyways about my day, my mom kinda pissed me off. In the car she was like "we need to all be a therapist for your father." Like no fucking way. That shit is so emotional taxing on me, and she constantly uses me like her little lab rat. For example, I am always the one that deals with my dad. Shes like (in a whispering voice) "Say hi to your dad" or "give this to your dad". I always feel like I'm constantly being pushed into a lion's den. Why me? He hates me the same amount as he hates you.

I hate my dad, I hate talking to him I feel like throwing up. I wish I could just die then I wouldn't have to deal with this. (I wouldn't actually kill myself)

Life is so tough. How do people manage? It's so hard, it's literally so hard.

Well my phone is about to die. So I guess this is good bye for now.