If I die today
2021-10-10 17:48:55 (UTC)


Today was nothing out of the ordiary. We made it to storage found some long johns and one winter outfit. a few gloves guess thats a start. Least I've got something. I'm less than ambitous today just about any and everything. I wish nDea had friends people to relate to and hang with and so fourth. IDK if it bothers him thou so no worries. Just once in a while wouldnt it be nice if someone besides "family" text or called him. Went to the grocery store today soo we have options for food. Did pretty good spent a bit more than I had aimed for but thats my doing. oh well. so the neighbor came over to return a dog that ran into our yard to its owner got to talk to her friend breifly.IDK what to amke of that but is a former mormon that is now in some sorta open nontraditional religion that I think he was saying or suggesting that he made up himself. IDK its a bit underwhelming. I'm just not sure what I am to do here and how to socialise or not with people. Well anyhow I just showered so i'm winding down.

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