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2021-10-10 19:30:42 (UTC)

A rant... for once

I've been trying to be honest about my pet peeves lately, as kind of fighting back against the useless and false opinions people spit online--Twitter, mostly.

It's come to my attention just how much people tend to romanticize being an artist without actually studying the fundamentals of art. It reminds me of how DG calls himself a natural born writer when he doesn't even know correct punctuation and what genre is, when his description is mechanical and his character developments are weak. I hear this bullshit over and over, "writers write. If you write, then you're a writer." Well, semantics, sure. But there's a difference between a writer who publishes and someone who writes for his drawer. You just can't consider those the same. I'm not judging anyone's abilities, that's the thing. Everyone has to start somewhere and I WANT to see more artists taking art seriously and learning and developing and creating. It's their level of creating ALONGSIDE their level of boasting and self-importance that piss me off. They don't match!

I start to wonder if people do it unconsciously, if they try to mystify their existence because they do something that's related to art. Someone self-publishes on Amazon and suddenly they're the authority on creative writing? Giving out bad advice at that, encouraging people to neglect study and standards. I do admit I haven't read her complete works but from the samples she posted... it's just cringe sentences. That's what's going to kill this discipline, because the actual discipline part is being thrown away.

Well... that's nice. I've never done this before. Cheers.

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