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2021-10-09 09:40:09 (UTC)

Where to eat cheap

‎Saturday, ‎October ‎9, ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know

Discover a great "MR. Burrito" that opens at 0900, Regular Burrito is just as fair priced as any of the other places in town. Just one better is that with this burrito you also get rice and beans on the side. Another thing it is located inside the Shell gas station on Hudson Road in Rogers, Arkansas 72756. I have tried already the Tacos (beefsteak) as well as the steak Burritos. Along with a plate of Rice & Beans. What is the difference? Freshly cooked and never pre-cooked until you order. At a gas station of all places, Sitting room for large gatherings and none of that heating up leftovers. Everything is homemade and cooked to order. Another thing there's even a drive-thru window that likes calling in orders at 479-372-6303. They will have it ready at the time you prefer or even order right there inside and take it out. Get the full meal as it costs the same as a single burrito. $8.95. I you like ice with your soda, walk next door to buy any size Pepsi/Coke with all the ice you like from the Shell Station itself. Service at the restaurant inside serves bottles only. Since I always like extra ice, I get a lot of ice. But, the small bottles of soda are neat as remind you of when they were sold at 6 0z. bottles.
My family always tried new places a week or so after they open and always have since eaten out daily. My son Tom and I always had our favorite places still, and they need to be extra good for us and really clean. One year since his cancer took him to other family members that went on to our Lord on October 10, 2021. On the tenth of this month, I will be going in spirit with my son for a tacos meal that includes three (3) tacos with the meal. Then on October 11th, I will go get my birthday treat of Burrito (steak) with fried beans and rice. Also with large Coke from McDonald's on the way home as well two-quarter pounders for later one the next day or late evening. McDonald's has two for one price or Two for six dollars. Choice of Quarter pounder with cheese, Ten piece nuggets, Fish Sandwich, chicken sandwich, or The Big Mac. Mix them up one of each for a total price of $6.00 plus taxes. Yes, I Always plan my meals of the day ahead of time as if My son Tom were going out to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner (brunch/lunch). Everyone always asks why I never cook at home. Stopped doing that when I retired as able to meet new people as well get away from the house of people. We seen one place that did not last and was good, but found out they only microwaved their meals, and really those of us that use microwaves for all home meals can know the difference. Paying cash for such was just not that great and it closed in just two months after opening. Arby's also has two for six dollars regular roast beef any way you like. I can remember buying those at $1.00 each way back when. Still the best place for something different as well as great and clean. Lucy's always was our favorite along with Sam's restaurant since also passed on. Use to be where Lucy's is now. Sam also has freshly BBQ daily as well as a daily special on Thursdays is Hamburger steak, the only favorite special day I like as well as at Lucy's. Both places have great service and always crowd at both these places. Lucy's 24 hours a day with special Thanksgiving dinners for all of us singles/couples/groups.
Sam's Olde Tyme Hamburgers

Rogers, AR · (479) 986-9191
Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30AM
Curbside pickup·
No delivery

Lucy's Diner
Rogers, AR · (479) 230-5829
Open 24 hours
Curbside pickup·
No delivery

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