always wth love

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2021-10-08 22:38:39 (UTC)

Low Energy ... (bye for now)

Low Energy

This will be the last dairy entry for this year. I might be back in next year, but I'm not quite sure tbh with you. Thank you for these 9 years on this platform. I have quite interesting and memorable for me. I've finally taken apart of Inktober the drawing challenge over on instagram...
I haven't found my high school friend that joined the navy. All I could truly do is pray he's okay and safe. Almost a week now I've talking another high school friend something about it. Feels comfortable and carefree honestly see why girls have more guy friends it's less DRAMA.
A lot of my favorite shows came back which I literally forget because I was heavily invested in my education 🙃 so I'm enjoying my availability but it does get hella LONLEY. I'll be getting my braces off next Thursday which am quite nervous tbh with you. I've to wear my retainer ALL TIME so my teeth won't go backwards which makes sense. I know it's going feel uncomfortable but I get use to it like I did with my braces.
I can't wait to share more next year .
always wth love

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