Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-08 01:14:28 (UTC)

Harder life

Today was hard I tried to study but I couldn’t concentrate I’m happy though because I’m got away from my parents for a little while but I keep randomly crying from sinus from watching emotional tv shows from actual sadness just all that
I just feel so frustrated I keep trying to find something that’s missing to make me concentrated and so far can’t find it maybe I need more medicine? I ordered it for tommorow that being said overall my days have been so happy n has made me so happy as a new friend I’m having so much fun and maybe I’ll meet new friends eventually I’m trying to think in a growth mindset but part of me forgot what that is maybe I should of kept those posters back to n she’s leaving and I’m hopping my life isn’t going to go back to a horrible mess I hope it’s not temporary happiness this year has been so healing I just don’t want it to be wasted now I’m going to the groccery store to buy some food
Being around my parents makes me feel so frustrated there like human triggers because there the scorce of the sadness left I feel and no one understands usually anyway not even my therapist but I’m trying to be better and find my happy my productivity my drive

Having trouble at the groccery store want to spend money on fairy core stuff but I have almost no food stamps so I will have to spend most of it on food

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