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2021-10-01 18:26:09 (UTC)

My Resignation Notice

Personal entry follows.

I drafted my resignation today. Because our Executive Director is currently on vacation, I scheduled the delivery of the message (to all three members of our Leadership Team) for the day after she returns: late next week. I'd not normally want to send it as anything other than a physical letter, but COVID things being as they are, I can assure they'll all receive it only if I send it to them all electronically.


Hello [Leadership Team]—

I wanted to let you all know that I’m resigning from my position, effective 1st April, 2022. Believe it or not, I’ll be moving out of the state and then ultimately out of the United States, either later in the year or in the next. I’ve just confirmed my plans to stay on-site at [the eco-compound] that Spring. This is the place I had wanted to carry out my sabbatical in early 2020 but then just like everyone else I had to postpone it for the worst reasons possible, or at least the worst reasons in recent history.

I’m providing so much advance notice because of the need for a trainer to take my place, and the preparation required. Between now and the end of March I will be happy to prepare any other staff to carry on my duties as instructor, and will fully hand them the reins.

You may have questions and you’ll likely want to plot out a training process for my successor, so I’m totally open and available for this. Also, the month of December is completely open on the training calendar and I will be here most of that month. It might be a golden opportunity to on-board someone to my role.

I’ve not notified anyone else here at [our org] of these plans or the date of my departure. I’ll look to you all for when or how you think it most appropriate to notify the rest of the team of this new development. I know this represents a significant change for [our org] and can be a delicate situation.

I hope no one takes this personally, because my reasons for moving on definitely don’t have anything to do with the good-hearted people here in general, and to be clear: especially not with the Leadership Team. I’ve mentioned time and again that you all have given me tremendous flexibility and freedom to pursue my own way of providing [our org's] services. You seem to like it, and never hold back in letting me know.

Thank you so much for your time, patience, and understanding. Let me know if you all need something from me in the days ahead.


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