If I die today
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2021-10-07 15:34:53 (UTC)

too many beans

Well we're getitng ready to go for dinner its study night so I have just a minute to write. I ad too much of the redbeans turkey bacon and rice so last nightwas gassy this moring was painful but after a few craps better lol. took a melation last night antispating a loong day tonight. I'm happy with last nights sleep I did wake up a few times thou. I am planning on taking a gas ex tonight bc of study. Feeling a little dehydrated I did walk to trget then to the convience store and I did to short walks with the dog plus laurndy I've bben busy doing nothing all day it seems. one excersize video today before all the walking to the store and chores or so called chores . oh so last night I read in ISaish around 26 and it struck me about hiding in your house or room somethinglike that like just hiding till its over IDK if that applies to end times or not. Trying to get myself together as far as having a purpose and inention in life and I literally have no endurance as far as chores and being a hard worker. I'd like to be a good housewife but am not so sure on how I'm doing on that. Had prayer time before naptime today as well. well thats the scoop for the day.