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2021-10-07 18:14:35 (UTC)

boxer shorts Attempted rape?

‎Thursday, ‎October ‎7, ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know
Beginning to feel as if people are using meth around here, and now hearing stories that Josh was wearing only his boxers when he went into Mrs. Kemps's room. Of course, this was coming from Mrs. kemp herself while drunk as she has been since the first of the month. Then even heard Jeannie, if that is her name yelling at her kid Josh overusing her car for work, and he yelling that he works all day and Jr. wants him to repair the water outlet, that he told him was already done two days ago. The water turned off for a full day in a half. But, how would Jr. know when he is also lied to. Then he even lies to me that he is without a car because of his own not paying attention while driving. But, he also seems to be out of money all the time even when he gets paid over a thousand a week even. Probably gambling like Corey and his does and know all of them on something as the damn dogs are barking all the time. In fact half the day today and it's only 1500 hours now. Didn't see any leak and just a cap off, meaning no fire protection to control burning leaves and things now. In fact, none of that drywall pulled out to repair or cap off water outlet was put in the trash and still left lying around the yard now for a week now. Went out to get something to eat after being kept awake for another day by the other family yelling fuck you and slapping another woman and telling her to get out of her space. Just like the Kemps, and now going to tape the door next time it is locked. Fed up with this crap! Especially when rent was not paid in full. But, will be due soon again, and it will be paid up fully or they can locate another place as not worth it if there is anyone using at all when they can afford to drink but buying weed because they get snap/food stamps and sell it for their getting high even. Pissed as hell right now, so it's best to stop and sit outside to see what the hell is happening.