Lost for words at times
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2021-10-07 11:22:25 (UTC)

Since my temper tantrum

I'm tired my 3 night shifts where difficult this week. I haven't slept well either as i've been concerned about my daughter. She isn't taking any video calls from me, which is worrying me sick. Doesn't she want me to see that she is poorly and is just messaging me that she is ok so l don't worry.

Another staff member has come down with covid and is really poorly.

I was incontact with him. Although l never apologised for me voicing how upset l was with him for letting me down. Why say you're gonna do something then not do it. I dislike being let down. I want to be with him so badly, so when he says he will come around l look forward to seeing him. I don't know how he feels, as his band practise didn't happen last night either as the drummer cancelled. I bet he wasn't too happy as he solo practised monday and off course tuesday, then l had a temper tantrum as he let me down and his band practise never happened. I want to say karma is a bitch, but that would be just mean of me to comprehend even thinking that. LOL hehehe!
I do feel gutted for him.. but hey learn you're lesson. Next time.. do what you say or you're curse will be so much worse!
Ooh and to top it all he isn't happy with his new duvet its too hot and fluffy for him. Damn he is having a bad week.
I need to go to sleep.

My song today is My Curse by killswitch Engage

Take care of you x