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2021-10-06 23:36:15 (UTC)

Space Cadet Receives All of Germany's Candy


I had a really weird sleep last night. It was fine overall, just very weird. So last night, I played Valorant with The Friends Club crew for a few hours, and it was totally rad. I absolutely love our teamwork and how supportive everyone is to each other. The last two games we won were pretty clutch Ws, so we ended on a good note. I was on the lower end of the scorers but I think I performed pretty all right. When I finished, I realized how quickly my heartrate was going – that game is an adrenaline booster! So yeah, my entire sleep was a perpetual dream of playing Valorant. It was so weird because… it felt less like a full-on dream and more like me just simulating rounds of Valorant in my head. Like I could tell that I was asleep (or trying to sleep, rather), but I couldn’t tell that I was dreaming. It definitely wasn’t like a lucid experience… but I felt more aware than if I was totally REM sleeping, going about my days riding Komodo dragons down an inverted rainbow. It was like the midway point between a dream and a daydream. And I way REALLY strategizing hard in my simulations XD I’m straight-up hooked onto that game. My Splitgate craving has given way to a Valorant craving. At least I can switch out one vice for another, which is better than keeping both and never having time for anything else in life.

Anyway, the highlight of today was definitely a surprise package that I got from a friend of mine in Germany! When I emailed my friend Christine last (I spoke about her once in a previous post), I responded to an offer she made to send me some snacks from her country. So y’know, I kind of casually gave my address in mid-response, under the notion that maybe she’ll send me a handful of treats IF she got around to doing so. Nah, man. I came back to my room hauling this massive box of no less than 25 different snacks, packed in with a lovely handwritten letter. Bro – I was floored. I spent a few minutes just gawking at the contents, trying to fathom the immense level of effort she put into it. Like holy fudge. We exchange emails about twice a year, and she still yet creates something for me that took so much of her time. That level of generosity truly touched me. I was not expecting that at all. Not to say that caliber of kindness is uncharacteristic of her – she definitely strikes me as someone who has a big heart, and she’s overtly just very kind. But holy cow. She outdid herself here. It was really friggin’ sweet of her to do that – sincerely moved me. And yeah that pun is somewhat intended. It actually wasn’t to begin with, but there’s no way I’m not gonna capitalize on it. So yeah, she wrote a very heartwarming note, and at the end of it she made a very modest request for a video of me trying the snacks. I did something of the sort with the Universal Yums snacks I used to get each month, so I think I might do that for this. I honestly owe it to her – she put in three weeks’ worth of time to assemble this package for me, so it’s the least I could do. Granted, I know I’m speaking off of adrenaline from the pleasure of getting such a cool surprise, so hopefully I do go through with it.

So now I’m back to playing Valorant with the friends. I have to say – this week has been a really good one. Between me getting the promotion, playing a fun game with wholesome compadres and strengthening my bond with them, and getting a really amazing gift from an amazing friend. Work itself is definitely getting busy, but it’s relatively smooth as far as peak season standards go. Okay three hours later and it’s now 11:32pm, and I just finished a bunch of game of Valorant with the club. I’m kinda hoping I don’t dream about Valorant again – that kept me like pseudo-awake last night. I’m still on the lower end of the scorers but I’m not terrible. I’d say I might be D tier, at the most. I was thinking about watching something to conclude the night, but I might just head to bed instead. Ehh or I might watch something. Pripara is very enjoyable so far, by the way. Genuinely entertaining. I should probably decide soon though if I’m gonna watch something or just go to bed. I think, though, that if I decide to watch some anime, I’ll have a better chance that that thing will be in my head rather than Valorant. So I think I’ll go that route.