Jenni's Diary
2021-10-07 03:15:36 (UTC)

Update in life

Hey it's me again.
I got some updates in my life I want to share.

- My parents found out about my tattoo and they freaked out and got really mad. Got technically disowned and technically kicked out of my house. We made up and I am going to get a tattoo removal. I know what you're thinking. Why get the removal when I recently just got the tattoo and paid a lot of money for it. And that I am an adult now and I make my own decisions. I am getting because I don't want to feel ashamed when I look at it and I can't hide it forever. I respect my parents and it was kinda an impulse decision. A part of me doesn't know if I am making the right choice and if the removal is for me or my parents. I know I want to get more tattoos in the future but that would probably happen after the removal. I put down the deposit and need to schedule the appointment.

- I am currently talking to someone. He lives in the apartment next to me and we met at the fountain at school and then we ended up matching on Bumble the next day so I would say it was fate to meet. I really like him and he is what I want and need in a partner. I really want him to ask me to be his girlfriend but I know that takes patience and effort to come up. I feel really at ease with him and he makes me feel good about myself. I have been thinking about Jesus lately and wondered if he was doing alright and that I am glad that I decided to move on from him. I will always be his friend but being in a romantic sense was just not working out.

- bro my roommate is getting on my nerves. I think I like her more as a friend rather than a roommate. I told her she looks like a Karen and she got upset but I don't feel bad for saying that. Her new haircut kinda makes her look like a little boy and she has this pouty face that is cringe dn annoying to look at. She also is a very basic, generic country white girl. Whenever she talks, I just want to close my ears and ignore her. I know that is awful to say but it's true. I love her to death as a friend but as a roommate, I want to close my ears and not hear a word she says. Also whenever she says she has "tea" it's always little silly things and I don't care for those things. If someone were to come up to me and say they have "tea" it better be some juicy big dramatic gossip because that is very interesting to hear and not about your family member getting a new animal or something. Me and my other roommate feel bad because we kinda talk shit about her behind her back. My roommate also over-explains herself or explains herself when she doesn't need to like bro I get it, move on to the next topic like she does not need to explain shit to me unless I ask her to. I hate when people over-explain things when I already get the point.

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