If I die today
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2021-10-06 14:25:38 (UTC)


Today is day 2 prayer before naptime. Guess thats a good thing. Its been an average day for the most part. Had a hard time falling asleep last night and waking up but we went to be just before 8 andI woke up 1ish and 3ish then shortly after 5was wakeup time. short run today since my running shoesw are still wet since washing them. Chores 1st then a "run" did 2 excersize videos. The hot water isnt working right so nDea has to work on that I ugess he just bought that tank this year so this sucks. It pretty much fall so my schedule as far as runnin has to adpat bc it will be cold and possibly dark in the morning. I weighed 118 today so thats a bit much I really gotta do something differnt. I think the dog holds me back as far as running and well its really hard and differnt when someoneesle is mainly paying for groceries and doewsnt eat the same its tough to aask for demand exspect the things I want. I got a message from nDea that the nighbors have a pitbull so keep the dog on leash which I always do bc well I know our dog cant be trusted unlike him who really has confindence in this sneeky I want to say bullheaded dog but thats the wrong word. It seems like I've been full of complaints and drama and just fishing for something lately. Life is kinda boring for the most part and I dont really enjoy chores nor have any success with any of them and tv is a sh!t show all this evil crap stupid santic stuff. My friends all work for the most part its not conivent to get a hold of them and do something. I dont drive either and the whole scamdemic thing I have to really use judgement. eMichell doesnt work but we have differnt views on that issue, Anyhow trying to write Idk if we are grocery shopping today or whats the plan.