If I die today
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2021-10-05 15:31:36 (UTC)

wasted P

It occured to me that yesterday I was on P and had noone really pressing on mind to write too but no Irecall some "freinds" or not at RLb who I still have unfinished business with and O was before p so I should have done pstrn.owen so I might have time in a min to go back to O but I'm sure I dont know any Q people so I guess R would be next. I read in Revletion yesterday and it stood out to me the end of times is like days of noah and there IS buying selling marryuing partying and so on. Which I guess answers the question would theres still be births if the world was ending. Also its somewhat comforting bc theres a chance that my life as I know it can last till the end but its also distrubing bc well its the end of it and all these things are distractions. today I set an intention to have a prayer before nap so I mean like a real prayer outloud so I started that today took a moment before climbing in bed. It was short and diffuclt but I need to work on reconnecting. Today was typical exspect a late lunch no run today just a 20-30mn walk since today was lundry day. In doing laundry I did move someones clothes out the direr they had been in there done since i started the wash so who knows maybe in there overnight but to this moment it doesnt seem like anyone has complained or noticed so no angry neighbors running around at me. Mom called bc I had called her. I was easger about the check to see if she had cased it. The bank still isnt showing it so who knows. I sould have been more concerened with her I do want to know how the4e excersies are going and I encourage that . Its possible its not for everyone thou so time will tell. Its been since Sunday since I've had a drink. Wish I had more in my heart and on my mind but meh just a buncha worry about stuff things money conspireis and such.

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