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2021-10-05 19:03:28 (UTC)


sometimes I wish I could exit this body and go float somewhere else.
Somewhere with grass to lie in, where bugs are extinct but the world functions perfectly without them.
Give this body up to someone who would use it properly, as I was unable to.
someone who would make my family proud and make tons of good friends, or live their life how they want and at least be satisfied with themself.
sometimes I wish I had a queer/whateverelse friend to talk about gender stuff with.
Sometimes I wish I could have a new pair of eyes and a new brain to perceive the world with
along with confirmation. am I my thoughts, my body, or my brain, or maybe something else.

right now I wish I didn't exist, so that I didn't have to put in the effort to keep on existing in a way that pleases the world.
I would really like to hibernate.

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