Lost for words at times
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2021-10-05 18:03:00 (UTC)

Absofuckinglutely FURIOUS

I'm absofuckinglutely furious at him. The other week he agreed to see me during the week, so that would only be a monday or tuesday as he has band practise on wednesday, thursday isn't a day achievable by both of us. I'm too tired because of work and he does his weekly shopping. Fridays l see him anyways. I recieved a text 'Bed looks all cosy now but have to go through songs again before I am allowed to get in x' great! I told him to have fun, his reply 'It is not really fun, it is a bit like working, will probably take about 3  hours tonight, then I can have tea and settle down x' by this time l realise he won't be coming around like he promised. I feel let down, not even a priority. What an absolute idiot. F him, F his band and F his new duvet. I'm just a fool to believe his crap to appease me.

Seriously take care of you, as no one else will x