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2021-10-04 20:15:46 (UTC)

Space Cadet Becomes an Underwriter


Man my last post was kinda depressing. I mean, I guess that’s fine, because the alternative to writing that kind of stuff in a diary would be simply internalizing it, and there’s no point in doing that when there’s no harm in doing the former. But I think this entry’s gonna be a lot more upbeat. I found out today, at around… 3pm, I think?... that I am finally gonna be a risk underwriter! I GOT THE JOB! The underwriting manager for my region called me today to extend the offer, and gave me a bunch of supplemental praise for my work. I was over the moon to hear the news… AHHHH I’M SO HAPPY! I can’t tell if I’m actually excited for the work, or I’m just elated to have this level of an ego boost. I mean, I know I’m excited to an extent, but like… I DID IT! I’M PROUD OF MYSELF! I know this ecstasy will wear off in due time, especially once I’m actually doing the challenging work of an underwriter… but I’ll relish in it for now. There’s no point in consciously deciding to not celebrate it. I friggin’ did it, dude. I’m so happy that I was one of the candidates they chose for the position.

That’s definitely the highlight of my day, but there was also a lot of little good things that happened, too. I got to talk with my brother after work, and as usual we had a really good conversation. At one point, we started talking about traveling prospects, and I voiced that I was uncertain about whether to proceed with my planned Japan trip in March or not, since I wasn’t sure what the pandemic would yield and if it would make my visit any less perfect. He candidly let me know that there’s a chance things might not go quite back to normal, and that I could end up waiting a while when I could instead just go now. He also reminded me that by March, I’ll be about a month or so from turning 30. I told him that him saying that really put things into perspective for me. I’m at a point in my life where waiting for the “ideal time” is not always going to be in my best interests in the long run. I’ve already waited nearly two years to retry my Japan trip – why delay it for a third? For the uncertain chance that I might not have to wear a mask? People wear masks in Japan all the time anyway, pandemic or no pandemic. It’s funny – just yesterday, some of the members of the server were streaming a Google Maps session where they were perusing the stores of Akihabara, looking at all the cool stuff they had (in particular, they were looking for Sword Art Online memorabilia, just for kicks). It brought me back HARD to the golden days of walking around there in person, on that ever-so-lovely trip of early 2014. By March, it will have been over eight years since then. I’m dying to go back. Where Maido is a home away from home and Somerville is a home away from home away from home, Japan itself is threefold a home away from home. So I’ve kinda decided that, so long as AnimeJapan doesn’t get cancelled and nothing else too serious happens, I will give it a go. I still don’t know the dates for AnimeJapan, but once I do, I’ll probably schedule my flights!

Today I also tried turmeric pasta! Last Thursday I bought a bunch of intriguing types of rotini: turmeric, green pea & quinoa, and chickpea. The turmeric pasta with my vodka sauce was AMAZING. There’s a spicy (not hot spicy, but spice spicy) quality of turmeric that makes it pair extraordinarily with the tomato base of the sauce. I’m still eating from the last batch of vodka sauce I made, which had substitute stuff for the heavy cream I didn’t have and thus didn’t turn out as great as I wanted, so the next time I make it with heavy cream (which I now have), I’m sure it’ll be a gastronomical masterpiece. To me, I mean. I’m definitely no Chef Ramsay. So anyway, I just finished that, and I’m sitting here, getting ready to maybe play some Valorant with my server friends. I’m starting to REALLY get into it. I’m definitely not much good at it but I’m getting the hang of its many facets and particularities. Also getting the hang of FPS stuff in general, I feel. I love that my friends are all so supportive and constantly tell me how much I’m improving. Really makes for a delightful experience. I even watched some videos today during work that gave tips for playing the game, and for playing with the character I’ve started maining (Brimstone). I might branch out to other characters at some point, but for now, I’ll stick with Brimstone and see what he has to offer.

Mandatory anime update! I last talked about Urahara, which I liked at the time. Now that it’s since finished, I have to say that it is WAY underrated on MAL. 5.77 is its score… and I gave it an 8. It was so much better than it’s given credit for. It kinda resembled what Madoka would be like if it took place in Harajuku and everything looked more or less adorable. I know a lot of people didn’t care for the art and animation, but I loved it (at least the art style – the animation was about average). I also watched Rail Romanesque, a very short series that’s supposedly based off of Maitetsu. It’s VERY loosely tied to it, with only a few cameos from characters like Hachiroku and Reina (virtually no Paulette, hmph…). It wasn’t anything stellar, but it was cute. Oh, and I got to update my MAL! My mean score is now below slightly below 8, and I have about 112 days of anime watched. Yeah, I’m speaking as if I have a massive chip on my shoulder for spending my time watching TV. I kinda do, not gonna lie. But whatever, I just love anime. Now I’m watching Pripara, an idol anime that’s kind of in the same vein as Aikatsu. I really like it so far! It’s similar in that there are CGI performance sequences in each episode, and the art style is nearly identical. Pripara, however, seems to have a slightly more… mature approach? Not necessarily mature as in subject matter, and definitely not what I’d call “serious”… more like, the jokes, bits and antics in Pripara are actually legitimately funny and perhaps rather unique, whereas in Aikatsu, the interactions are what I’d call “heavily charming”. Aikatsu seems to be more “feel-good” – everyone loves each other, and no one seems to have any real ulterior motives. I can sit down after a stressful day at work and know that Aikatsu will fill me with joy using its unrelenting charm. While Pripara does definitely have a level of charm (Cinderella stories of grade school girls becoming idols), a lot of the characters have attitudes. The principal, for example, is out to rid all primary school girls of their Pripara tickets (tickets that let them perform as idols) and hates the idea of friendship. Then there’s head disciplinarian Minami, who’s basically a Kiyotaka Ishimaru that takes her hall monitor duties very seriously (though I do like her). And then there’s the Kuma dude… who’s character is tough for me to describe… but he always rags on the main character (Lala) for being late and whatnot. I dunno. But I really like it so far! Also watching some of the new seasonals: seasons 2 of Mushoku Tensei and 86 (both of which are some high-quality watches) and Selection Project, an original idol show that I’m LOVING so far. This Fall in anime seems very promising!

I was considering going out to eat to celebrate getting the underwriting position today, but I opted to just chill at home. Glad I did, because I got to try that turmeric pasta today. When it comes down to it, home is one of the greatest places I can be. I feel so cozy here. So yeah, I think I’m gonna go play some Valorant soon, and perhaps play some Love Ribbon with an ice cream bar in hand, if I can peel myself away from the server before the night’s over. I’ve been sleeping late recently… like, going to bed after midnight, even when I have to wake up at 6:30am during the workweek. Granted, I don’t HAVE to wake up at 6:30… but if I wanna watch two episodes of anime and leisurely enjoy my breakfast yogurt before starting work, then that’s what I need to do. Ironically, waking up earlier in order to have a gentle transition into the workday is so much less stressful that getting a little more sleep and jumping right into work after waking up. I think my friend Oscar from the Netherlands kind of inspired me to do that, since I remember him talking about doing something similar years ago. I do get sleepy though throughout the day… and well, that’s just the consequence of my actions. But I can sleep as much as I want when I’m dead. For now, I’m gonna stay up ‘til midnight each night, travel to Japan without delay, and eat truckloads of turmeric pasta while watching idol girls do their thing. It sure feels good to be alive!

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