If I die today
2021-10-04 14:42:16 (UTC)


Oh how I doo love your pizza to this day and how nice it is to have the allergy friendly clean cut when done right its a treat for me nowdays. I am disaapointed thou in the prices thou that are forever going up and its apparnt to me that your a part of this socialism type adgenda with the ads and promotions I see hits here and there of evil. I have this against you thou as one of my first employeers this job was cool in itself but left open the door wiiiiidee for trouble and regertfully I found it and it found me. While scandlous and such and I did make my own poor choices the work enviorment wasnt safe for young women at the time and it was a little sick and twisted things that went on there and some porbally illegal. IDK employment insurance laws and whatnot. I'm sorry for taking advanage of the benifts of being a young woma there I played it well I the word woman doesnt sound right cause lets face what it was just say female. Whoe know I would suspect papa is on board witht he lbgtqadgea too so now who knows. Anyhow I hope that your work enviorment and standards have changeed for hiriing this doesnt mean dont give people a chance as far as just assuming a bum wont work but please protect people have eyes ears and heart. BE aware of the thingss that go on in your business. I'm in a hypocritical state bc I did like the job and well often wished for similar work and well having food that I can eat that is tasty and can mesh with my allergies is soo attractive and delivery is great. I am getting ripped off thou left and right withou remorse. Customer service is going down as techology expands as well it does seem that in differnt areas as far as human aspet that can vary. I've accpeted that their is evil in the world and I do think theres dark secerts. I'm sorry I particpated in them as far as working there and the sexual misconduct and violience. you owe me nothing that I know of althou I'd glady take the cash lol. The best thing that can happen would be to see a standup safe work enviorment with openess and structure. I'm sure things are changing and have changed so I'm not sure what to ask for but this was an open dor fr bad in my life and I was scared as crap years later when baldron stopped me as I walking to my job back then. Please dont poision or spit in my food should my regrets ever get out.

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