If I die today
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2021-10-04 14:28:18 (UTC)


Today I started up vitimains again feeling pretty good right now just the d3 iodine, 2aday-takin 1, xrshield. Ran the dog around the trlrpark loop for a few minutes. Did one excersize video then the 2nd I did half ass very distracted and unmotivated this afternoon. Laundry is piled up for tommorw. Bleached the the tub today while cleaning the bathroom paid my storage unit and mom cahsed her check so her text says. for some reason my bank isnt showing all my withdrawls so it looks like I got money but I know I dont soo basiclay I'm planing on budgeting 10$ a day till I see that check clear and the bill plus items bought on amaz-on. Last night we bonded a bit we really had a good weekend together. I'm havin guilt about resenting the dog being on the bed and I'm guilty I did sorta kick him off last night it was chilly . I'm not sure how to make that work but back to being friends with him . I needa bit of work on myself meh. I'm worried about clothes winter clothes tehre is some in storage but I dont want nDea to have to dig and make the trip over there and I'm worried about his shoulders he needs a new docotro his quit or something so he cant get any meds refilled till he sees someone and well he has a lot of pain IDK how well the flexeril works or not but its probally better that he be able to have that. IDK what hes gonna do. Personally I'm sick of the medical system and tyranne and the invasion of personal privacy and rights so I dont have plans on seeing a doc IDK what that'l mean for my disability but I guess we will se and Gods the provider. Who knows thou osmething could break me I do want my pro-methiz epi-pen and inhaler. But maybe I can do without. IDK where life is going. No news no current bill from the atty this is totall crap its been a week on thrus since they updated and got permisson to publish how long does it take to do something. I shouldnt jinx it thou bc I dont want the bill but I doo want to get this done asap least have that off my chest. thats pretty much all thats going on today