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2021-10-04 17:20:32 (UTC)

Please Read

Guess this is it. I experienced chest pain from getting a sinovac shot. It is sharper than before 😅 I think I am going to die and consider my case as suffering from heart disease. I experience a lot of episodes of chest pain but it was more intense than I thought. Guess I might die soon but sure hope to work first so I can earn money from saving for an emergency. I need to enjoy every single thing with my family before I die. It is a natural death to some. Time doesn't stop around me and the world will keep on spinning until the end. It is kind of sad that I still have those things that can read my mind.. I sure hope they can stop sooner after I die. 😅

Dear Ma & Pa

Sorry for everything I wish to grant every wish that I could give when I had the chance but seems not. I cannot give you the things that you have always wanted and I ruined everything. But overall, I am thankful to have good parents that took care of me when I was hospitalized. People around me will no longer suffer from monitoring me I guess so.. But I wanted to say I am sorry and love both of you. I just don't show. Just merely words. And they never seem too easy to change. I failed as your daughter, for not listening. If only I listen, I wouldn't get this mind-reading scheme to keep me monitored. I don't know what is the purpose.. It is because we interfere with their plans or is it the enemy's plan to destroy us. But I am a sacrificial lamb and everyone can't help me because they might as well get this like mine. I don't know if knowing things means I have to die. I know from the start when I took medicine from mercury drugs after I get myself check from the hospital. I know this will be a threat to our family when they can easily read my mind as well as not giving you the chance to help your serviceman. It was bizarre to get us from this pedestal that I don't seem to understand why our involvement surrounds that situation. You are merely just a driver, and I am only just a student that doesn't even know how the whole world works. I am sorry for going to that store that I truly trust even when I was young. I think they aren't capable of doing so.. Because they are trusted brand, Mercury Drugs and I don't care about the reputation between the rivals.

I didn't know that my father's service is related to some powerful one. Now I understand why those rumors want me get killed. It's either they hate this person or what.

I don't know my father's cousins (rivera or ladonga) is involved. But one thing is for sure. The time I took that vitamin, I know that I am going to die.

Since they both have particular products that customers need and want. That is only important for me. I don't know if they know that you, Papa, give him a ride. I don't even know his full name until we lost him. Even I got death threats or like things from social media for protecting the person. I understand the risk but I know that telling would double the risk for getting innocent people involved especially since the name is powerful than I thought. I didn't even expect him to be that. I just think of him as a simple man who we can talk to comfortably without getting scared regardless of how challenging it is because this person is from China. I wanted to respect the person and make him think that not all Filipinos treat people this way badly. I don't want to get myself involve especially from this fight but I got myself in the middle and on the verge of death resulted in this vaccine shot, Sinovac. I was ignorant for not knowing everything and this will cause me to death till the very end. I notice from the start that everyone seems of gossiping about me because of that. But I still stayed strong even if they use all of those loved ones as bait for my weakness especially Ashley, my best friend.. Every time I talk to her, they always insist on not talking to me or something will happen.. The same goes for every people I meet. I guess this is the curse that I got myself into. I wonder why a student like me has to endure this thing even I don't understand what is going on. I wanted to ask people but they keep their lips sealed which I truly understand. But is it even worth it to complain when I am dying sooner or later after getting this vaccine. If you read this, I am informing you to stay away from medicines or any uncertain thing that might cause trouble. It happens like when I was dying during taking sleeping pills. Everyone ignored. Even when I was put in that Covid Room. I know that people there will die, little by little. I wasted everything and I am sorry pa and ma for everything. Please inform your serviceman of this to keep him safe. So this won't happen to everyone he knows. I am sure that I am going to die. But give this information to him so he is aware to this circumstances.

Also read the red book inside my locker pa. Thank you! This truth sure hope will help you understand what is happening. Even to someone who hacked my account and saw that footage. I know that they will use that against 'him' so please protect yourselves. Because I am a sacrificial lamb for getting the blame. They will consider my death as a natural death. But you got what it takes to live away from this place and give you signs to partake that path to keep you safe as well.

Keep note to 'him'. I added him because there is something weird that know this person might save us but someone prevent us from doing so. They don't even let me use my Facebook or my family by hacking everyone. I wanted to change my profile picture and this keep on going.

My hands and heart hurts like everything. Just keep on mind to everything. Don't make the same mistake that I did

I am the sacrificial lamb that you must consider.

Thank you for everything ma and pa. I am sorry to disappoint you. Their eyes is on our site. I can feel that narrowed arteries, hurting inside my veins. Might soon will get myself killed from this unfortunate event but I guess I can help you with this information