no name
2021-10-04 02:59:59 (UTC)

Hands over my eyes

Why the heck did this site make it into my dream, that’s the most stupid thing ever.

I think I’m heading back to those times though, where. Actually I can just go reread. I think I felt miserable. And the days were dark. And I often felt sick, of myself, of my surroundings, and school stress. Not to mention people. I think I’m feeling something right now, no idea what.

It feels like that was a dream.

I think I’ll be scratched later today. I can do nothing else. Staring blankly at walls isn’t too bad. Not bad enough. I’m my own overseer and rewarder so I’m just going to end up with guilt and death threats from myself. hold on, I don’t- nvm suicidal fantasies count dont they.

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