If I die today
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2021-10-03 14:27:23 (UTC)

better write

Ithink Imissed yesterday writing I sorta spaced it I put it off. Yesterday started with cuddle time aand the rest of our day was peaceful together nDea and I and well were theres nDea yup therees a dam dog . well I shouldnt call him dam. We did get some tiem away from him when we went shopping for the bike basket bc nDea wanted so bad to take this dog on our bike ride. so thats that now we have a freagin bike basket probally will never get away from the dog. Its nothing he did spefic or anything its just like a toodler and if you ask me he's spoiled and I'm the one home with him all day but thats nothing to feel bad bout nDea loves him and its bettr to have him here than not but sometimes just want some space. We all have bad annoying habbits so not just the dog. Just hes what I see most of so guess the resentment sinks in there. Something I should work on. been a lot of drinking not to any excess but f,sat, and sun I've had some drinks. Tommorwo I start back on my vitimians and stuff . we need food again so hopefully will get some fresh stuff. Its been sorta a lazy sloppy weekend. Its a little bit differnet since Ireall miss having time together and his week at work was so long just nice to catch up or whatever spend time together. not much on my mind or heart just tryin to get it together withinin myself.