Lost for words at times
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2021-10-03 11:34:00 (UTC)

Amazing night last night

What a damn good night my baby boi's band played amazingly. We even had the pleasure of some of Satans Slaves MC join us, who knew his band was playing. Such a lovely bunch of charismatic men, who took the bands rendition of mama mia dedicated to them with alot of humour. Loved it!

I can't wait for my mans new band to play there first gig on 31st Oct. The video trailer for the band is amazing.
Annoyed l didn't get any new videos for my mans website. He also needs to think about doing merchandise for his band. I had a few ladies ask me if they do T Shirt's. So that will be something l will look into for him as he isn't tech savvy, just an amazing guitarist.

Grandchildren are doing so much better. There even both eating so much better now.

My today's track being it's sunday is Fluff by Black Sabbath

Take care of you x

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