The Covid Diaries
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2021-10-01 14:21:25 (UTC)

5 more days

I have 5 more days until I turn 23 but 4 more days it says on the countdown that I did for Instagram.

I'm kind of excited about this birthday because I took off for 5 days and I get to get lit and have fun and drink until I'm drunk and numb and eat.

I'm off this weekend and I'm glad about that.

I went to my counseling yesterday I was running a bit late but I made it and I talk to her about the same thing that I write in here. I got a lot of writing to do as well. So I best to be on it. I have counseling everyday at 4:30 so, basically right after work. And I'm very happy about that because I really be needing to talk to my counselor about things and it really helps in person instead of on the phone.

- A