Lost for words at times
2021-10-02 15:56:57 (UTC)

October 2nd

Grandchildren doing much better, my granddaughter is finally eating, my grandson is out of isolation tomorrow with my granddaughter 4 days later. The littlest granddaughter so far has managed to escape getting covid & is busy making me some blue lip gloss with sparkles in this afternoon. So that will be nice, l so love recieving random things they have made, or collected.
Had a wonderfull time with my man last night. He has cut his alcohol consumption down loads. Lets hope this carries on. Tonight his band has a gig, l seriously can't wait. I need to get more videos so we can update his website. So it looks like a very late night for me tonight. l also get to see his daughter again, l very much doubt his son will go as he is a typical 16yr old that can't leave the xbox alone for 5 minutes.

Music track for today, has most of my favourite guitarists in
'Valley of fire' By Jason Becker ft Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Paul Gilbert, Neal Schon, Marty Friedman, Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias IA Eklundh, Greg Howe, Jeff Loomis, Richie Kotzen, Gus G. Steve Hunter, Ben Woods

Take care of you x

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