Becoming quietly confident
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2021-10-02 03:13:19 (UTC)

Frustrating boss

Shut down by my boss today. He has the mindset that everyone is striving to be him and therefore we must all want to take over the company from him. I want to make my money and go home. I would not run a company in this field, it’s too crazy. There’s no way in hell I would want to own/run/manage a company like this.
Today I was shot down on a simple request. One that would have made the customer happy and well served because my boss wanted to have a pissing contest with me. Only he found out that I wasn’t in a contest at all with him. I just said ok when he said no. He then went on to convince me why. I just agreed and moved on. He tried one more time to “argue” with me. I just let him know I would email the info to the customer, letting him know it was a no. I do know this would have been a very easy request to fill, but I don’t care how he runs his company. If he doesn’t want to take care of his customers because he thinks I am in some sort of power struggle with him, that is totally fine by me. I think he walked away from the conversation very confused. I walked away feeling sorry for the customer. He wonders why he can’t keep people. This is why. Pretend power struggles are very weird to me.

That is how I started my day. I then learned that a friend of mine is moving to Alaska, her husband got job there. So she is moving her family. Two of her sons are friends with my son. This is quite a loss for us. I was a little tearful over this one.

They day ended better with my art class, I am finding my rhythm with that class finally. You go in with expectations, expectations that have to be adjusted. I made the lesson a bit simpler and just let the kids mostly play, which is all that art really is when you boil it down. Play combined with skill.

Once home I heated up dinner, leftovers that I haven’t eaten and don’t plan to. This is the third night I have been too exhausted to even want to eat dinner. I eat plenty other times, but I just get too tired at night to care.