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2021-10-02 02:44:22 (UTC)

Room repair/rent

‎Friday, ‎1 ‎October ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know
Have a large room for $500.00 monthly with a private bath plus all utilities paid. The room needs flooring repair as well as walls repaired, Not able to do this work any longer for me. If able to make repairs then can deal on the rent with how much agreed to as well as costs of material for repairs. Anyone interested contact me by email ([email protected]) is best as seldom answer the phone if I have it off as get as many calls as I do email. Email and if I don't reply within a few days try again if really interested. Room for two people only, no more than two people. No overnight visitors or drug use is tolerated whatsoever. Share kitchen, living room. Clean up after use of kitchen so others may use. No leaving dishes or food on the stove, Put away in the refrigerator. This helps keep bugs out of the house. If too lazy to clean up after yourself, then please don't even apply. Like visiting people then, by all means, do so at their residence as I am renting a sleeping room, not for any guests. No pets as the limit are already here. Housecat roams the house and really old but loves all people. Welcome to come by and see what work is needed to be done and if you are interested in only doing the work for so much each day then we can come to an agreement of some type. No money will be given on word of replacing flooring until completed, walls, painting, etc.

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