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2021-10-01 21:17:05 (UTC)

What a waste of time

BUT THERES FUDGING NOTHING ELSE BECAUSE I TOO WANT TO GO TO A REGULAR SCHOOL LIKE PEOPLE MY AGE AND EXPERIENCE WHAT EVERYONE BEFORE ME GOT TO. BUT NO. ALL I GET IS THIS DIGITAL ONLINE BULL THAT NOBODY WANTS TO DO AND HONESTLY ITS ISOLATING AND I’m starting to think that there never really was anything outside of this corner after all. Because maybe there aren’t diverse people to meet. Maybe there aren’t any high school things to look forward to and maybe there really is nothing past the extent of this corner that I live in with these people. Maybe I am delusional and missing out on nothing at all. But I’ll never fudging know.

Fudging corona virus.
What a waste of teenage years.