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2021-10-01 23:44:46 (UTC)

Social Media Dislike of Feels

I am far from perfect and have come to realize nobody likes it when you air your thoughts and feelings. Immediately, there are no likes or comments on social media except from those who know pain. Many like me who have social anxiety do not receive many likes from their friends or followers on Facebook or other social media platforms. Is it that in real life I do not socialize as much perhaps as they do? Maybe, I am some how defective? Well, I will say there is nothing wrong with me. I am smart, funny, but do not find the mundane posts and topics of interest. In fact, I cannot stand fake. That is what most people seem to be anymore. They make money. Who can blame them? I, however, crave real, authentic, and substance. I speak my truth and revel in it. I am not intimidated by others but instead feel not the same as them. I do not enjoy to pretend to be someone I am not and I cannot, will not. In a world of 7.8 billion people, why am I lonely? Why do I find no one like me? Where do I look? Who do I trust? Why is it so hard?

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