If I die today
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2021-10-01 15:45:05 (UTC)


so its ocotober. Well I got paid today. Annd I got my mail yesterday and dhsh is claiming I didnt do a review its a pia tryin to call them today bc I had that bugman sparing that we didnt know a spefic time so will deal with that monday and then Igot a notice that i didnt pay 6hundrendandsome dollare fortaxes in 2011. bummer. oh well. even thou todays payday screw that I got things I need to handle . nothing too much going on went to visist yChriss after they sprayed had a good visit. group last night was good cant complain. I'm really tiredish or something low on energy now and sorta bored/frustrated or unmotivated. I didnt sleep much last night nDea had to work early today and so 4a he was up and then he will be late home no eta yet havnt heard from him. So anyhow if I die today well nothing really new as far as intention I'm having trouble focusing today.

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