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2021-10-01 14:51:48 (UTC)

Random Assortment - September 2021

I Don't Need You by Acid Ghost


People by Evan Wright

Possibilities by camoufly

FEELS LIKE DANCING by Bensbeendead.

Felicity by Ouri, Antony Carle

Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem

Зеркало [t/n: mirror] by We, Леривейн [bruh my cyrillic typing skills are so atrophied... it took me so long to find the н lmaoooo. Anyway I can understand some words in this song! But my knowledge of cases is kind of bad so I have a hard time understanding the relationship between the words]

Set to Attack by Albert Hammond Jr [kinda Strokes-ish but not as good imo]

Электрический ток [t/n: electricity] by Увала

EDGE-GIRL by Sindy [scary~~]

Fate Is... by Wednesday [this is a good band. "Fate is drawing back it's leg to kick me."]

Just for Me by PinkPantheress

Возвращайся [t/n: come back—this is in the imperative form, conjugated in ты, which is equivalent to the imperative "tú" in spanish. So it requests that "you" come back. It's also a reflexive verb. If it were for whatever reason a formal request, it'd be возврашайтесь... I think. idk man im not very good at russian D= even worse now that I haven't practiced in over a year. Do I know any of the lyrics? No, lmao. Something about being without you... "I can't know." That's about all I can catch.] by angel vox

Underneath by Wednesday

Billboard by Wednesday [No idea wtf this song means! But I like it.]

Ghost of a Dog by Wednesday [very Waxahatchee sound, but lyrically, it sort of has the energy as "Wild Pack of Family Dogs" by Modest Mouse, lmao. With the same simple repeated structure. And also the melancholy. And also the dog part. I like it so much.]

Birthday Song by Wednesday [my favorite song by Wednesday. The story of some kids being stupid. It's so poignant to me. Actually, the melodies and the lyrics in Wednesday's music remind me a lot of Soccer Mommy. But with a lot less pop influence. I don't like Soccer Mommy a lot, though. Although some of her songs are just so good. Idk. I guess I could say the same about Wednesday. A lot of their songs are forgettable to me, but then there are these standout ones that are just... amazing. Like the build-up in this one, that sort of crescendos with: "He tried to fix it himself/ but it wouldn't work that way this time" and then sort of eventually winds down into this really nice narrative conclusion: "Thought it really set the tone/ Couldn't laugh at it yet/ Wasn't far away from it yet." Ahhhh, just—so good.]

Facades by Philip Glass, Michael Riesman [I heard this randomly on the radio and I was friggin jamming out to it on the way to the grocery store (story of my life—I'm living the fake-housewife dream, constantly streaming in and out of Hannafords and Pricechoppers with vinegar and pork and such).]

Seaface by Lowertown [this song has a similar energy to songs by Wednesday. Anyway it's so friggin good. Something you might hear on Night Vale. Is Night Vale still happening??? idk.]

No Surprises - Remastered by Radiohead [bruh every time I listen to Radiohead I'm like "nice" and then I get bored after abt 3 listens]

summertime by cinnamon, evening cinema [I feel like this song gets a lot worse once the dude starts singing in heavy autotune... idk.]

夜に駆ける [t/n: Racing into the Night] by YOASOBI

[man I wish YOASOBI had more music released, I love the tunes, it's so freaking hype. I've tried to find music similar to the Japanese pop I've listened to but in other languages—it's pretty hard... I've not found it lol. Like, I wondered if maybe there was some cultural exchange in music with Chinese music, but not really. The Chinese pop I've been exposed to is slow and sweet, which I hate. The punk/indie rock is a lot better, but still meh (I like No Party for Cao Dong but not enough to find any of their music memorable). My old roommate also shared a playlist, since she took Mandarin last year and had already gathered some songs to help out with language exposure and such; but I've never been too big a fan of rap/hip-hop, so for the most part, I'm not into it. I remember having a similarly difficult time getting into Russian music, because there's a lot of rap and the pop I've heard is kind of synthy or very heavily influenced by bands like Kino (I'm pointing at YOU, Molchat Doma). Which is great, but I'm not as into other stuff. I'm mostly interested in shoegaze, I've found, or really fast-paced and bright-sounding pop. Idk how else to describe the pop, lmao. I mean I like Japanese city pop, sort of, but I really REALLY like J-pop stuff like YOASOBI; each turn of the melody feels really exciting and hype to me, idk why!!! I haven't found anything else like it. The shoegaze is much easier to find, LMAO. Oh, I also like vocaloid music like Kikuo. Once again, it seems like it's the weird scale that I seem to like... idk enough abt music to pinpoint it lol]

A Shot in the Arm by Wilco [I was listening to Bandsplain's Wilco podcast and when they got to the summerteeth album, they played this song as one of the samples. It's so good, I forgot. Wilco is so legendary, lol. I remember being shook when I heard "Pieholden Suite" and I realized NPR uses that song in the mornings. I think during "NPR Morning Edition" but I don't fully remember. In general, I really like this album, but I get sick of Wilco pretty quickly. He's extremely "earnest," as Bandsplain put it. And sometimes that earnestness is just too much for me.]

I Wish You Were A Girl by 12 RODS [Okay so I like this song a lot, but also—my favorite part is the bit that goes "I feel green if you know what I mean." But then I feel like it's immediately ruined by "Don't be so nice to me, 'cause I feel awkward." It's such a weird turn in the sound. It feels just as awkward as the lyric, lmao... It's a lyrical manifestation of that 👉👈 emoji Dx]

Mortal Bus Boy by Shelf Life [a sort of forgettable song, but also kind of nice!!!]

I Hate Everything by Greet Death [Really good song! I thought it would be more annoying than it was, given the name, but it's actually quite good. It didn't feel overly angst, it was just the right amount of detached—I'm talking about the lyrics. I guess the tune is "boring" but this is the sort of song where lyrics take precedent and the tune is more for atmosphere. Kind of like the song "Dramamine" by Modest Mouse. Not to say the tune isn't great for either song—altho obviously Dramamine's is better, it's been THRIVING for 25 years—but what I'm saying is, it feels like, to me, the repetitiveness doesn't register because I'm more focused on the lyrics. Well, actually, maybe that doesn't apply to Dramamine.... idk whatever go away]

rock n' roll was shinanai with totsuzenshounen by Haru Nemuri [what a freaking banger!!! Love the breathiness of the singer and the borderline screaming of it. I tried listening to the whole album but I wasn't into it. Too bad I like this song so much. It has the same energy as Kawaki wo Ameku and also the rlly famous Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP.]

Untitled Acoustic Song - 1997 Remaster by Panchinko [in general, I find Panchinko sort of grating despite having liked them for a short time. But this song was enjoyable for a bit. I found it on a Shinji Ikari playlist LMAO. I have to admit, this fits the theme....]

5拍子 by [t/n: 5 beats. Makes sense when u consider that this song is in 5/4 time] by ミドリ [t/n: Midori.]

[According to Wikipedia, this was a jazz-punk fusion band (internet said "j-pop" as well..?? ok), which first of all... is freaking amazing. I was so excited to hear this song!! It's in 5/4 time and the bridge is in 3/4 time. I feel like the 5/4 time really pushed me off-kilter and made the whole thing really exciting to listen to!!!! I want moooore]

Out Like a Light by The Honeysticks, Ricky Montgomery [a really sweet song. Another song I found on a Shinji Ikari playlist, lmao....]

Paranoid Android by Radiohead

How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead

迷彩 [romaji: Mesai] by Sheena Ringo [Another jazz-influenced Japanese artist. Apparently, some people have compared her to Bjork in her experimentalism. Idk, man, I've never listened to Bjork. But she's super famous in Japan and omg... I just really like her. This song in particular has clear influences from the "jazz manouche" genre, according to some Youtube commenter, lmao. I sent this song to Nadiya because she likes jazz and such, and she liked it a lot!! She also said she loves jazz manouche. It felt nice to send her something she enjoyed :D]

宗教 [t/n: religion] by Sheena Ringo [this is my personal favorite Sheena Ringo song for now. It's so strange and mystical sounding, to me. I don't understand any of the words but I can still feel the story communicated. Which is just... so good.]

Hush - Still Woozy Remix by The Marías, Still Woozy [bruh I was thoroughly enjoying this new release and then it occurred to me that it sounds like something that you'd hear in Forever 21. I friggin ruined the song for myself...]

High by The Marías

パラノイドパレード [t/n: Paranoid Parade] by Kinoko Teikoku [listen.... one of these days I'm going to stop adding this song to my monthly playlists. One day... I can't help it! I like singing along to it in the car! I know a lot of the lyrics now!!! As long as u don't listen too closely to my pronunciation! Lmao.]

Good-bye Declaration by Chinozo [couldn't get into the other songs, but I love this song. It makes me feel like I'm the ball in a pinball machine D:]

長く短い祭 [t/n: In Summer, Night] by Sheena Ringo [what a freaking jam]