Lost for words at times
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2021-10-01 16:17:49 (UTC)

All is well in my lil world

Grandson is doing so much better he is even eating, although it's only chicken curry at the moment. My granddaughter still isn't eating that much, but is being a good girl and drinking plenty of fluids. So hopefully soon they will make a full recovery getting over covid.
Seriously looking forward to my man coming around tonight. I worked hard all week and l have the intention of playing hard tonight. Nails done, hair done, non exsistant outfit ready! Tomorrow his band is playing a gig close by. So that is something to seriously look forward to.
All appears to being well, in my little world. If he plays me up tonight, l have cable ties at the ready. o.0

Song for today, well later tonight
I put a spell on you by Annie Lennox