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2021-09-29 14:20:24 (UTC)

Uniform Fitting

I finally got fitted for my uniform today for work they said it was gonna take a while for my uniform to come but I got an Xtra large in a shirt I think and a medium in pants. I know their different sizes yes but I tried on every possible size their was except for the small because I can't fit a small with these big ass titties that I have. I got fitted for my bra size and I'm an H so yea but I'm thinking about getting a breast reduction because it won't do.

My mother got one. And it still has scars and stuff on hers.

Also, I talk to my counselor tomorrow. I'm so use to saying therapist but yea. I think I'm gonna need it because it bothers me seeing M and that girl and she's married but she let's him flirt with her anyways. I think she likes him. I bet all the woman do. I don't know why I even liked him in the first place. He's to old. Literally. He's at least 50.

I havenr heard from Z all last night. I know he has band practice because he's in college and all and yes we're kind of dating in a way but he usually let's me know when he's out and I believe he's sleep now. He did say he gets out pretty late or so he says. I don't know I'm being paranoid.

I guess I trust him I'm still learning to even say that word. Trust. Its a hard thing to do for someone who's been hurt so many times like me and is emotional. Like me.

I mean he's in college and he does get busy and he always gets to me whenever he can. I just don't want him to mess around with any other girl but me. Hes only 7hrs away from me. I don't want him to cheat on me or I swear I'm just gonna be done with men in general. I don't think I've been cheated on before or is it just that I was to blind to see the red flags in the relationships that I've been in in the past. Either way I'm done.

I left my glasses on my dresser and so I'll be blind as a bat today.

Oh well. I can still see. A little bit.

- A

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