If I die today
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2021-09-29 15:15:07 (UTC)

just another day

no sign of the kitten from Monday. nDea is working late tonight and again on Friday another trip. Physcially its all the same walked to the store and back today walked the dog 2 exersice videos on short one full. There seems to be a lot to do since nDea is working so much I should probally order groceiries not sure when we can make it to check the mail. ordering using wmart will sting my budget but I think itll be okay least he can have some relax time. Its good weather for delivery assuming the delivery goes well nothing will spoil if its not already in poor shape. I have gotten some good things thou and hey I';ve survived this long so shouldnt wine too much about wmart. colder nights. Still wanting new clothes. its just another day lacking inspiration at the moment