Lost for words at times
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2021-09-29 17:50:00 (UTC)

September 29th ramblings

Work rings me at 9.50am like hello l just worked the past 2 nights and back tonight let me sleep. I returned there call when l woke to be asked "did l want the booster vaccine for covid" Um.. no was my replie. It's mandatory from November 11th for all staff working in care to be double vaccinated. Yet service users don't have to be. I have done what my goverment has required of me. I followed all the rules, there not jabbing me anymore with there shit. There vaccine isn't fit for the purpose it was designed for. People are dying regardless and there also dying from receiving these vaccines. It's our bodys and our rights to say no! What has happened to our basic human rights...freedom.
My friend has a 13yr old son that attends secondary school, he doesn't need his parents consent for a covid vaccination. Yet, they need consent for the nasal flu spray! WTF!!
Grandson (9) has had a little food today, granddaughter (8) is taking fluids but still not eating.
If my opinions on covid offend anyone, please remember l still have the rights to my opinons. Or atleast l do for the time being. I accept that people have different views and l respect that also.

My song today, Still counting by Volbeat

Take care of you x

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