no name
2021-09-29 07:54:35 (UTC)


I understand my body is tired, or maybe it's just my neck up that hurts so strangely. I get that it's my fault that I feel this way, it would've been simple enough to get rest and be ready to work but that's not what happened. Oh my neck aches.
What does it matter, stating the facts like this, there's no gain.
The fact of the matter is, I feel sick. my fingers are dry, disgustingly so. i feel gross. my eyes. i really wish i didn't have school today.

i feel bad today, and its my fault. gotta take a nap after classes to make up for this. im not eating anything. taking that shower during the midpoint after vacuuming. nothing jp, no reason to, no time to. i have work to get out of the way. painfully messy, i hate myself

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