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me and my life
2021-09-29 07:28:30 (UTC)

waste R&D

Yes, I don't know since yesterday I have been interfering, suddenly got curious to know what is he upto. damn that dream.. he did come and told me that everything is good. so all I came to know after my R&D is that his sister is in Bhopal and has joined Capgemini as associate consultant very good, He is in infosys as SAP Consultant wow again he finally saved his job and am glad for him, big good news he bought a car white car and he is in PUNE again am happy for him as he always wanted that. Now what made me sad is now everything is fine when am not there. and am suffering for what??? Why do I have no job? No good life? No peace of mind? or nothing good happening? my mind is restless not because he is happy and my life is mess because to know what am I suffering for? what wrong did I do? he did all wrong, he spoilt my life, he is the one who did everything no matter what explanation he gives or whatever the situation was. just because he pray to god so god favored him? and I just join hands in front of god and thank him for life and ask strength. WHAT life is this???? fuck!! am in no peace since yesterday. why was that dream? why did I have to know about him inspite of him no even trying for 1%. where I want him to call me ask me why the fuck??? He last time told me to burger off still why is it that I see only what all good he did to me? Ill go crazy at this rate. phewww.... when will this all change? when will life, this time, this phase will change??? nothing is good, ill take care of myself... this has driven me to be more focused now. ill not be kamjoor anymore. K darling you can do.... you are brave, strong if he was good a person is there waiting for you and will come on a right time. TC of self you are very precious !