2021-09-29 08:19:46 (UTC)

Sure, you can say "At ..

Sure, you can say "At least I never intentionally tried to hurt someone I claimed to care about", but so can I.
I haven't seen the James that I fell for in months. I became convinced he was an illusion, and got tired of trying to find him. Felt cheated and deceived.

I was protecting myself.

At least I can say that I was honest and open all the way, until it hurt too much to be. You see the expression of greviances as a personal attack anyway. Fragile little boy.
At least I can say I tried to be diplomatic up until it didn't make sense to be anymore.
Because as per usual, You Never Told Me How You Really Feel.

I didn't hurt you, the truth of your actions did. You don't get to feel absolved just because you apparently felt super bad in private.

"I really appreciate you being so open and honest with me. I really feel like you've taken the time to communicate with me and let me know exactly where I stand, every step of the way.”

That was all sarcasm because you never fucking did those things, you fucking idiot. Delusional to think I would thank you for doing things you didn't.

And if my love is dysfunctional, then that's how it is.