If I die today
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2021-09-28 14:03:45 (UTC)


Dear Michelle,

Wow, What a joy it is to get to know you. You've been a true blessing. Im thankful for your guidence care help and support. You have a real gift and are an amazing person. Your courage and endurance is inspiring encouraging you are a light in a dark place. Your openeness and strength is powerful. You are defintly engaged as a warrior in the spirtual battle this world faces. What a force you are. Thank you for being my friend for helpig me encouraging me nuturing me and loving me. Thank you for your boldness to point me in the right direction with pure inention. You have an amazing unquie testimony of the LORD in your life and he is still at work you're a walking testimony if thats the word I mean. Itsaweomse that you are able ot have joy in this world and despite your health and family diffucilties at time. Your joy is important its a gift. Keep that. Stay in his peace always. You are loved perfectly. Thank you for being in my life sharing with me and using our friendship and yourlife for good thank you for doing something and redeeming the time. I love you.. You have taught me and Ican still look to you and see how to love others as HE loved us. Its not easy and not often I tell people I love it it warms my heart when you text or remind me and say I love you. Thank you for that. Your a blessing . Keep growing keep seeking walking and standing in truth. May your joy always be there and Thank GOD for the peace that he has given and contiues to give . Im thankful for you for who you are for your heart and for the example you are and your husband. Your a wonderful person very sweet loving and bold. If your reading this and I've passed well nDea knows who you are and Id like if he talked to you and considered any desires or input. While theres notmuch to offer. If I'm gone please listen to the LORD and obey him and if your able to reach Dean wit truth please do. He needs guidence hope a light, love truth encourgment he's a bit lost weather he knows it or not. Brian may be a good support for him as well. Id ont know I am worried about him thou. your a very gifted lady. Thank you for being the woman you are . I love you please keep living and living