If I die today
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2021-09-28 13:54:47 (UTC)

kitty and cranky

Today was laundry day. Weather is a little chilly(er) we are in fall for sure . Wind is an issue right now. This moring a kitty with a collar appeared inside when i was coming in from laundry and well she slipped past me I didnt even know she was in till I saw her and the dog. She was friendly but its a cat plus who knows if she has diesase or fleas. She was hard tog et rid of sat outside on our step and cried for hours and followed me in the shed foloowed me back and fourth from laundry finlay picking up laundry I lost her so she musta mde it home. I was getting frustrated bc she was climbing the screen door while I was doing chores but anyhow I'm over it. still kittens cute kittens turn into cats. blaaaah. We went on a walk afteer lunch after a nap short walk with the dog and old cranky pants was out we were walking on the street and he was getting out his truck and his 2 unleashed dogs started going crazy (not mean) he started to yell get out my yard but kinda funny is that the lady stopped him and said we werent in her yard. Haha . old cranypants but he stood on his porch and just stared at us watching us check the mail then walk thru the rocks kinda looked angry. Anyhow in other news physcially its all the same. 2 excersixze videos and a short walk sleep was rought geting to sleep at 935 someone was setting off 3 fireworks. Just a little blah no real passions or intentions today.