Lost for words at times
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2021-09-28 14:53:00 (UTC)

Seriously F**k you covid!!

Day 5 of covid for my poor grandson (9)he isn't getting any better. He has a high temperature, cough, loss of taste, smell, he has lost that much weight he looks like a malnourished child. To see his pictures that where taken august bank holiday, him playing in his back garden pool happy, and healthy to now, a weak skinny frail child, seriously kills me and is disturbing to see. My daughter took him for a observation check by a doctor that was carried out in a car park! She was told to carry on doing what she has been doing, but to give more painkillers for his temperture and to push more fluids! The poor little darling struggles to swollow and reports that everything tastes like shit. My granddaughter (8) still isn't well, although she is managing alot better than her bother at the moment.
To see my daughter cry via video call, absofuckinglutely breaks my heart. l hold back my tears and tell her she is doing a fantastic job caring for 2 out of 3 children, she and her partner have. I so want to drop everything and go up there to them. But l can't as l need to be at my job (senior night carer) as were so under staffed because of covid.

Hardly slept again today 4hours.

My song today is for my daughter
To Carry The Weight
by Times of Grace

Take care of you x

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