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2021-09-28 06:19:46 (UTC)

He visited in my dream

Why the fuck?
He visited me in my dream and i can clearly see his skin, eyes and him whole.
Dreams arein some qay are funny so he was lying on a deck, i sat beside him. We chatted casually like nothing happened. He told me he is going to book a car, i saw he also got an iphone, he wearing his same tshirt grey with black sleeves and black denim, he was in his slim state, smooth brown skin, he was casual.. very casual and i was just looking at his face like i always looked when he use to drive, cook, talk or sleep. Was I so much in love him??? My god.... I always thought he loved me more but it was other way around. Well back to the dream. He told me 25yr old girl is after him, he showed me her pic but i couldn't see, he asked me are you in drinking these days i said yes haha how funny he said me bata raha hu ye sab mat kar.. ye sab kharab adat hai.... and while he was talking I suddenly said baby I miss you and i hesistated coz i called him baby.. i told him not a day goes without missing you... he wo bola kyu bola aisa mera jaw dukh raha hai am shy haha again a funny part.
And before we talk more i wokeup and i was like damnnnn... i wanted to talk moreeeee. This is the first time he came in my dream after longgg long time. Also i get an intuition that he will contact me hahahaha i am acting weird but i swear i get that vibes... I unblocked him from whatsapp he still has my number saved.
Am really in a bad mood now. Very bad why why whyyyy it happened. I even cried... these days am crying everyday on what all i lost in my life. Monkyaaaa kutte i miss you bacchee. Do you? Tell me...