If I die today
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2021-09-27 14:11:34 (UTC)


Dear lindsey,
As of right now your one of my longest and truest standing friends. Thank you for always being there. You truly have reflected the LORD in your life actions and speech. Many things about your are admireable. You're a gifted teacher I';ve learned so much fromyou and not just inforamation but behavior and watching you grow and prosper and your family. Thank you for being a part of my life. Please continue to be ambitious and passionate and follow the LORD in strength and truth. contiue to love truly. I hope your family and ext. family contiues to grow in health and strength together. God has you where you are for a purpsoe and for a time. I'm glad you are here and that he let us be friends thru soo much. Its been humbling that this friendship I've been able to see you grow prosper and struggle the whole picture real life. Our sharing has been pretty open and that makes me feel good and secure. Anyhow if your reading this and I've passed please know that you were dear and loved in my life and I think most people in my life have heard of you and I would hope they accept you and your family into any aftermylife events and consider any input and or wants you have. Thank you for your endurcne and love in our friendship over the years. Thank you for seeing me as a valuebale person with potiental and purpose. Thanks for seeing me as who I am not just any of my quirks. I appreciate you . you;ve been the stronger and most genouros friend of thee 2 of us and I'd hope one day to bless you as much as you have me I'm sorry for my lack of maturity trust or whatever has held me back from just being a friend and support . but looking forward to growing. I love you friend. Theres not much else to say at this exact moment my brain is starting to fry and i'm very distracted by dishes sadly I have planned to wash dishes and its probllay best I stick to the plan not to drive myself nuts by a wrench in the schedule

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