If I die today
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2021-09-27 14:01:12 (UTC)

cancel that

Just canceled my phsical and I told them I have no inention of taking the solution anytime soon. They offered me a virtual visit but I rejected told her its a landline. I'm not into all that techy stuff. Anyhow on the bright side rent increase is canceled. Notices today says they "rescining" the rent increase notice so yeah for that I think. but it does say till further notice. Physcially I missed a nap today 2 knocks on the door upsandthe notice so the dog went nuts. otherwise sorta the same stuff I wonder if garlic could be causing me some gas problems and such. On my mind selfishly is well the whole resitance thing how long am I going to be sustained if I dont surrered. Truthunedited was really encouraging yesterday but yeah I'm scared and I know nDea resents me bc of my noncomplinace. but I think its wrong . One thing at a time thou and I gotta commit to be commited to what I believe is rigth. didnt call lCaro today but I should I'm just lost for words . Its shocking that he died. been thinking about how things worked out in my life at 18 what should I have been? what did God have /or want for me then? maybe somethings arent all my fault. IDk. Anyhow Ive got about 20min then i want to wash a few dishes before nDea gets home