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Best Nina Cantu Moments:

Thea Tolentino as Nina Cantu
June 15, 2015:
Clip: Nina Cantu is arriving at High School:
Clip: Nina Cantu has a new bedroom at Cantu Mansion:
June 16, 2015:
June 18, 2015:
July 23, 2015:
Clip: Nina Meets Brisa's Boyfriend:
Brandon: Nina, nice to meet you.
Nina: You too Brandon. Umm you have Brisa?
Brandon: Brisa? Umm she was my girlfriend a while ago after 2015 is officialy over, and she was completely in love with the relationship.
Nina: Oh yeah.
August 11, 2015:
August 17, 2015:
Clip: Nina talks with Esteban for breaking up Brisa:
Nina: Esteban?
Esteban: Nina, I just broked up with Brisa a while ago, because she was mad.
Nina: (slaps Esteban) What the hell did you say with my sister. You know what Esteban, you are so rude to my sister to everyone else in my class, and Lopez just mentioned me that you and Brisa are not in a relationship.
Esteban: Nina, she didn't do anything, she's with Brandon.
Nina: Brandon?! (gets my phone, and calls Cantu) Brandon, I need your help?
Brandon: Nina, why are you always being so mad?
Nina: No, you always end with Ensy. Ensy is with Eric.
Brandon: Ensy was calling a hot mess.
April 12, 2016:
Clip: Nina throw water to Esteban after Brisa broke up with the relationship:
May 24, 2016:

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