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me and my life
2021-09-27 19:00:54 (UTC)

Boredom and waste of time

I can now keep no account of how much time i have wasted doing for others and nothing for self. Even though i have worked on self it has not worked out. Also, i feel ppl dont value what we do for them, they don't care, and its just for need. I don't know what my life is up to. How am going to make everything work again. A 2 yrs of no work gap has ruined my career.
I feel my sis is thankless, she just get irritated understsnding her situation still she is most of the times cranky, defensive in arguments, just try to prove her way is right way of doing things and mostly suppressing mom is what i do not like. We are here for her and what we both are doing for her is a very big thing yes we do enjoy enjoy certain things like living in a big house and location but that was never the need its just its there. If we dnt do certain wrk she make faces is what i feel, i may be wrong but she does. Am worried for mom coz mom will be living with her mostly after my marriage. Phewwww...
I know things will be good trusting god and my.moms good deeds.
My eyes are hurting again bcoz of excess phone use.
R is much in talking with me these days he seems to be fida on me. But isnt all this just for a while ppl talk for there convience, bcoz they feel good, becoz they have time. I really hate that.
Today mom i spent little time together, tom will be mom's second dose and my laptop charger, we might visit a cafe too..
God pls job I want job...
Cyaaa am bored bored bored