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2021-09-27 16:04:04 (UTC)

Are you God?

Monday, ‎September ‎27, ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know

God who is the- You- The snake Serperm- Evil people-Good people?

The philosophy of Satanism is pretty simple, you eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and you will know all like God and become “gods” yourselves, according to the talking snake.

They are the ruling class, the prophets who wrote the bible, which you can only claim to be writing as the word of God if you think you are God. Pretending to be God, hearing voices in your head, or having a different concept of the word.

The Satanical viewpoint is I am God, based on general Pantheism, the universe is God, or eternal energy, and who else said that they were God?

Jesus said that but he wasn’t one of them, and he disagreed with them, at least according to the story.

So they nailed him to a cross, thus showing their dominance over him, and the dominance of evil over good, although Christians see it as a win for them because it made him a martyr and the majority of people simply opted out.

Most people are inherently good and are educated to be obedient, specifically to “God” but they may not have even contemplated how you can be obedient to God when it was a bunch of men claiming to be God, who wrote the bible, and a bunch of criminals who wrote modern laws.

Victoria is a George Soros smart city, a Rockefeller Foundation resilient city, and signed the belt and road deal with China, hence why it’s completely screwed.
They pledged their allegiance to the metaphorical Satan, the man with the Satanical viewpoint I am God while believing they were trusting in righteousness and truth, and that was the way to control them.

It was the way to keep them docile and submissive, a way to lead them to fight for the empire in large numbers, because they believed they were fighting for justice, freedom, righteousness, patriotism, democracy, eternal salvation, etc.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and that’s basically what we see everywhere, all through history, even everywhere today, we are being led into a war, or led into enslavement to out in the open Satanists, because they no longer have to hide anymore.

So they believe anyway. They believe that humanity has fallen, their eugenics programs and demoralization have destroyed their spirit to the point that they would rather accept rule from openly evil people than oppose it, because it’s too hard.

I don’t even know how to approach this whole thing, except to say that I do want freedom, I don’t want to see a war for freedom, we probably won’t win an actual war for freedom, because there’s always going to be dominating rulers, prepared to use brutal fear and intimidation, but what else can you do but try?

The problem with the good versus evil debate is that by convincing you that you had to be good, rather than evil, in a black and white simplistic world, that entire philosophy dooms you to be a slave to ruthless killers, who originated the entire philosophy to enslave the minds of large groups of people, in the first place.

So, there are two ways to go about it, if you want to avoid the 1984 style dictatorship they appear to be building, in reality, not fiction.

You can form a resistance with the philosophy of peaceful noncompliance, which should gain the hearts and minds of most of people, regardless of the mainstream media propaganda.

Or you can mobilize that movement of a majority with the righteous anger to topple the corrupt, openly evil regime with violence, perhaps using their own soldiers against them, if they break ranks.

It was in their own controlled opposition media that that was the plan, possibly to justify a further expansion of martial law to crack down on “terrorists”, but if the movement succeeds, and high ranking generals choose to switch sides, they will lose the actual war.

However, in a real war, you kill or die, and don’t think they didn’t expect that, this is almost like a test of how obviously evil they can be before somebody does kill them.

Examine the minds of these people too long, and it is entirely possible you will end up crazy, like them, but perhaps that is the final solution.

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