Lost for words at times
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2021-09-27 16:34:00 (UTC)

September 27th

Well l had an absolutely shitty weekend caused by non other than myself.. friday night was amazing. Saturday he spent some time with his friends that where visting the area, great. I done a few chores around the house. Sunday morning l woke up the wrong side of the bed for no apparent reason, l thought my whole world was collasping around me. I stayed in bed all day, grumpy and grouchie, even my cat Toby stayed away from me. I guess i'm allowed an off day. But today l feel guilty as it's wasted a whole day that l could of done something, even spent some precious time with him.

My grandson is still very poorly with covid. My granddaughter has now tested positive for covid. My poor daughter is frantic incase the youngest one gets it. I feel helpless as they live so far away and l can't help her.

Song for today - Good Things by Rival sons

Take care of you x

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