My secret life
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2021-09-27 07:28:08 (UTC)

Farther away

It’s 3:30am and I just got back in from my farthest ive gone to date in my neighborhood.
Over the past few weeks I’ve gone out and average of four times a week, taking new directions and farther away from my condo.

Tonight I went out my back patio door, then made my way towards the entrance driveway which is about 400-500 yards from my driveway not. As I made my way towards the entrance, I was watching to see if any lights were on in any units, plus if uostairs blinds were open or closed. I got within a 100 yards of the entrance, and noticed an uostairs light was on in one unit, but the blinds were closed. Two units from it, I noticed dim lighting coming from the patio door. As I made my way behind a pine tree, I could see into the unit with the light from the patio door. Okay could see an older woman roaming further inside. She had a robe, or possibly her PJs on. As I crouched behind the tree, I took observation of that area to see what possible avenues I could take on my future adventures. I was only a 100 yards from the entrance.

At 3:00 am there a very few cars on the road, but the later it gets, traffic picks up. I’m goal is to make it to the other side of the entrance and towards the other side of the complex. There are a couple units of ladies I know. I’m gonna have to check, but I believe the one unit I passed on my way towards the entrance, that the upstairs light was on, is possibly another woman I know. She’s single, possibly lesbian, but still find her attractive.

I’m hoping to make it to the entrance before it gets cold, it already cooler out tonight, probably in the upper 50’s. Keep you posted.

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