always wth love

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2021-09-26 22:36:50 (UTC)

Some stories

This past week ( END)
Another storytime with long conversations over the phone with my mother. My cousin was born three days ago that's my uncle son 💙. He's a newly fatherhood and having a hard time to adjust family life. That quite common anyhow today I call my mother after the late night out with the family night at our first outing to the movies to see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
It wasn't good experience to fact my mom has been a terrible mood for months. We all try our best to enjoy the movie that I have been wanting to see since my brother mentioned just last month. It was worth the wait ..... the relationship with my mother has been tough on me but, I feel it's getting easier finally now. She told me some quite surprised stories of my newborn years which made me laugh and quite feisty baby girl even being born so early. I was super spoiled baby explains A LOT my personality... even though my baby brother i have a huge AGE GAP we both had our relationship with mother at different times and even decades. ( whenever that we get to reconnect am ready have tons of NEW memories ) It's quite fun to see how we want my spend time our mother.
I'll be back maybe next month...stay safe everyone. 🌙 always wth love

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